Lonely Planet releases ‘Ultimate Travel List’ second edition

The coronavirus pandemic has totally upended travel this year, but once things get back to normal, there’s a new list of must-see destinations to help you plan your next trip. 

Last week, Lonely Planet released its second edition of the “Ultimate Travel List” coffee table book, which includes 500 “unmissable travel experiences.”

According to a press release, the book features more than 200 new destinations and has ranked all 500 places “in order of brilliance.”

Piers Pickard, the Lonely Planet vice president of publishing, said the company slightly changed how it scored the ranking for the new book.

“For this edition, we awarded extra points to destinations and attractions that are managing tourism sustainably,” Pickard said in a statement.


According to the press release, the book focuses a lot on outdoor and backpacking experiences, but it also includes

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Lonely Planet ranks ultimate travel destinations in new list

Many of us have been forced to rethink travel plans in the wake of Covid-19, but if you’re soothing your canceled-vacation-blues by daydreaming about future adventures, Lonely Planet’s new “Ultimate Travel List” might be just what you need.

a large waterfall over some water: Part of The Iguazu Falls seen from the Argentinian National Park

© Shutterstock
Part of The Iguazu Falls seen from the Argentinian National Park

Lonely Planet has just released the second edition of its popular “Ultimate Travel List” coffee table book, which ranks the world’s top 500 unmissable travel experiences.

The new list, collated by Lonely Planet’s team of experts, spotlights must-see and must-do experiences, from spotting wildlife on the Galapagos Islands to admiring the spectacular Iguazú Falls waterfall that spans Argentina and Brazil, to wandering the geothermal landscapes of Yellowstone National Park.

a boat sitting on top of a mountain: The Annapurna circuit trek is a hike you won't forget.

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The Annapurna circuit trek is a hike you won’t forget.

The team scoured past Lonely Planet guidebooks and also reviewed each destination’s commitment to sustainability.

“The options to

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Petra ranks 1st on Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List

(MENAFN – Jordan Times) AMMAN — The rose-red city of Petra has ranked top in Lonely Planet’s, world’s leading publisher of the popular travel guides, latest Ultimate Travel List that featured 500 best must-see places.

According to Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List released on Wednesday, Petra, some 220 kilometres south of Amman, has been named as ‘the number one place in the world to experience outdoor adventure’.

Also among the list are the Kingdom’s ‘otherworldly’ rose-sand Wadi Rum desert, the Dead Sea and the Dana Biosphere Reserve, ranking 36, 139 and 221 respectively on the list of 500 global travel experiences.

“Historic and intriguing, Jordan enjoys a reputation as one of the safest and most welcoming countries in the Middle East,” Lonely Planet said in the second edition of the Ultimate Travel List which features the top 500 “most thrilling, memorable and interesting travel experiences in the world”.

Commended for

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Lonely Planet Announces 2nd Edition Of Bestselling Ultimate Travel List Book — And U.S. Destinations and Experiences Rank High

NEW YORK, Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Twenty-nine of the world’s best travel experiences are in the United States, according to leading global travel authority Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List released today.  

Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List is the 2nd edition of the travel powerhouse’s bestselling coffee table book. It’s the definitive wish-list of the 500 most thrilling, memorable and interesting travel experiences in the world – ranked in order of brilliance.

“We’ve all got a list of places that we want to see for ourselves: places friends have enthused about, places we’ve read about, dreamed about. This is our list,” says Lonely Planet.  

The second edition adds more than 200 new destinations. According to Lonely Planet, the experiences and destinations are “a mix of knock-out new openings, sights that have upped their game, or places more relevant to the way we travel now.”


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The Ultimate Shenandoah National Park Travel Guide

It might be easy to overlook this 200,000-acre slice of the southern Appalachians in Virginia. At first glance, Shenandoah National Park doesn’t have the obvious cachet of some other units in the park system. But if you know where to look, there is an abundance of adventure within its green ridges and pastoral valleys. The mountains that lie within the park boundaries rise dramatically from the valley floor, some gaining 3,000 feet of elevation. From a distance, they may appear deceptively mellow, but they’re filled with craggy granite peaks, waterfalls, and tight gorges, so hikes are often full of rock scrambles and river crossings. 

Given its proximity to major cities like Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, 90 minutes to two hours east, Shenandoah sees its fair share of crowds during the high seasons of summer and fall. Thanks to the convenience of the Skyline Drive, a 105-mile road that bisects the

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Hot spring resorts in Taiwan provide the ultimate experience in restorative breaks

A poetic panorama of cypress forested hills unfurls before me like a scroll of a Chinese landscape painting.

From the-floor-to-ceiling window of my suite 800m above sea level, the verdant vista before me is a balm to my frazzled senses. The three-hour car journey from Taipei to Hoshinoya Guguan in central Taiwan now seems worthwhile.

To many who live beyond her emerald fringes and crystalline coasts, the archipelago of Taiwan is the home of melodramatic Hokkien soaps and bustling night markets with moreish street food – probably the kind of things that appeal to mass travellers, rather than the well-heeled. However, unknown to many, there is a a high-end travel industry in the country. Fortunately, this segment that includes luxury hot spring resorts, has the support of a large domestic market. Even on what is considered a warm day for hot spring bathing – it is 24 deg C in

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The ultimate guide to Singapore’s offshore islands and how to get there

an island in the middle of a body of water

© Provided by Lifestyle Asia

Experts say leisure travel may not resume till mid-2021, but are you really willing to risk it?

After all, the possibility of contracting the virus is still very real, and without a tested vaccine, it’s hard to put aside concerns of being hospitalised in a foreign land.

This is why we’re taking the time to explore Singapore, one island at a time. No, we’re not talking about Sentosa or the dreaded Pulau Tekong. These balmy islands make for a short day trip out of the city’s bustling crowds, and they are perfect for a quiet picnic by the beach, sans the people and the trash.

Who knows, you might even be able to learn something new about Singapore’s history and maritime animals too. 

Pulau Ubin

a group of people standing next to a body of water: (Image credit: @retrocraze77 via Instagram)

© Provided by Lifestyle Asia
(Image credit: @retrocraze77 via Instagram)

Home to one of Singapore’s last kampongs, Pulau Ubin is

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The Ultimate Fall Decor Guide for a Holiday Season at Home

Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

Decorating for fall is one of those simple, inexplicable, and reliable pleasures that has its chance every year, regardless of any trials and tribulations (we’re looking at you, 2020). Richly scented candles and warm-hued throw pillows are particularly attractive around this time, and with the official start of fall already behind us, it’s the moment to pull out the autumnal table runners and throw blankets.

Farah Merhi at home.

Courtesy of Farah Merhi

Farah Merhi, designer, author, entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Inspire Me! Home Decor, and the first-ever Designer Looks Style Expert for Value City Furniture, gave Travel + Leisure her tips on styling a home for the season. We’ll all be spending more time indoors over the next few months than

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Inside AD ’s Ultimate Guide to the Best Design in Transport

What moves you? Shaped by a combination of virus-based confinement, radical shifts in travel patterns, leaps in innovations, and the profound awareness of the impact the sector has on climate change, this question has never been more relevant. Fortunately, innovative manufacturers, both heritage and startups, are rising to the challenge and attempting to answer the question in novel ways, using lightweight materials and new propulsion systems, as well as a rethinking of the whole notion of mobility.

We pored over the offerings across existing and impending categories and culled this list of the coolest, most interesting, most inventive, and sometimes most fantastical iterations of transport. Our personal jetpacks aren’t here yet, and may never be, but major change is creeping in and will continue to shape individual and group travel in the decade to come.


<div class="caption"> Ducati’s Superleggera V4-2. </div> <cite class="credit">Photo: Courtesy of Ducati/Mirza Hasanefendic</cite>

Ducati’s Superleggera V4-2.

Photo: Courtesy of Ducati/Mirza Hasanefendic

Ducati V4 Superleggera: Ducati is the

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