Cruise ships dismantled for scrap metal as coronavirus pandemic sinks industry

Cruise ships are being dismantled and sold as scrap metal due to the coronavirus pandemic all but destroying the global cruise industry.

Earlier this month, aerial footage shot by drones showed workers stripping walls, windows, floors and railings from several vessels docked in Aliaga, a town 45 kilometres north of Izmir on Turkey’s west coast.

Three more ships are set to join five already being dismantled.

Chairman of a ship recycling industrialists’ association, Kamil Onal, said before the pandemic Turkey’s ship-breaking yards typically handled cargo and container ships.

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“But after the pandemic, cruise ships changed course towards Aliaga in a

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Celebrity Cruises Capt. Kate McCue sinks sexist troll in viral video


As the first American woman to helm a mega cruise ship, Kate McCue often comes up against online trolls.

But Celebrity Cruises’ social-media savvy Capt. McCue has fired back in memorable style at one online critic who asked her, “How can you be a captain? Your only a woman.”

McCue’s withering TikTok video response from her ship, Celebrity Edge, has gone viral, brilliantly incorporating needed life knowledge with a stinging rebuke.

“Normally, when I’m scrolling through comments and I see something like this, I totally ignore it and move on with my life,” said McCue, 42, who became the first woman in America to assume the rank of captain for a Celebrity Cruises megaship in 2015.

“But I think it’s about high time that I address this, because it’s 2020, and in this day and age, I’m shocked,” she said gravely, before pausing for full drama. “… that someone

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