For a scary time, book a room near these 4 haunted places in the Northeast

Halloween is more than trick-or-treating, goblins and scary decorations.

Some folks actually like to head to haunted places to hunt ghosts and learn more about the stories behind why a place is haunted.

Below we list four such places in the Northeast and how you can lodge near those places through

VRBO stands for Vacation Rentals by Owner.

Good luck with your scary vacation and don’t let the ghosts get you.


The Amityville Horror House, Long Island, N.Y.

Amityville Horror House

In 1974, a boy killed his parents and four siblings at this house in Amityville, L.I.

Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed his parents and four siblings in this home in 1974. The horrific event captivated the media and a book called “The Amityville Horror” was released in 1977. A series of movies followed.

The house is said to be haunted by its violent past.

You can lodge close to the house

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With Prices Down $200 Per Room, NYC Hotels Set for More Pain

(Bloomberg) — The Midtown Hilton has been closed since March. Same for The Edition, a brand new Times Square boutique. You can get a room at the Pierre, just don’t expect the full-suite of white-glove services that have made the hotel a Manhattan landmark since 1930.


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Autumn in New York, a season so inviting that it inspired a jazz standard, is grim this year, with the city’s tourism market among the worst in the U.S. The pandemic has canceled live events like Fashion Week and the New York City Marathon, repelled business travelers and international visitors and blown gaping holes in a tourism market that generates $70 billion in economic activity in a typical year.

Things are better now than they were in March, the worst month in memory for the city’s hotel industry, but they’re still historically bad. At this point, more than 200 of New York’s

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U.S. News Announces the Best Columbus Day Car Deals for 2020 | Press Room

Washington, D.C. – U.S. News & World Report, the global authority in rankings and consumer advice, today unveiled the Best Columbus Day Car Deals for 2020. The list features 10 vehicles, including a minivan, a compact truck, four cars and four SUVs. These models are all available with excellent financing or lease incentives.

“Columbus Day weekend is a great time to take advantage of an affordable lease offer or a no-interest financing deal,” said Jim Sharifi, managing editor of U.S. News Best Cars. “Dealers are working to move 2020 vehicles off the lot and make way for 2021 models. That means there are some great zero-down lease offers, and it’s common to see 0% financing for a five- or six-year term.”

Each month, U.S. News collects new and used car deals for Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Honda, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Kia, Dodge, Ram, Jeep, Mazda, Buick, GMC, Subaru, Volkswagen, Acura, Cadillac, Infiniti,

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As travel restructures, leave room for inspiration: Travel Weekly

Arnie Weissmann

Arnie Weissmann

Perhaps it’s not surprising that a side effect of the pandemic is introspection. That may be particularly true for those in the travel industry, an extroverted industry if ever there was one. But I’ve gotten the sense that some of the time that would have been spent on the road or at events and conferences since March has instead been given over to reflection.

Last year, we had seven contributions to our Forum section, where readers express opinions on industry topics. This year, we’ve published 25 Forums, with contributors speculating about what the future will bring.

The killing of George Floyd and the rising prominence of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 has added an urgent issue to the mix as we ponder a regenerated travel industry. The words “restart,” “resumption” and “recovery” are frequently used as we look forward, but taking those 25 Forums in aggregate,

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