Cary Grant and Randolph Scott Beach Photos

Cary Grant and Randolph Scott are “Batching It” in the fan magazine Modern Screen (September 1937).
Photo: Author’s Own Collection/Oxford University Press

“We Can’t Afford a Hollywood Marriage!” was the headline in the October 1933 issue of Hollywood magazine and, beneath it, Cary Grant and Randolph Scott were pictured whistling as they did the dishes together at the kitchen sink and singing happily at the piano in their living room. In an accompanying interview, they admitted that they earned high salaries by ordinary American standards but also insisted that stardom shackled them with unusual burdens. “If I were a young doctor or lawyer in some other place, drawing the same salary, I could afford to marry easily,” Grant said. “It’s what Hollywood demands of a motion-picture personage that hurts. It’s a car and driver, a house in Beverly Hills, and a beach house in Malibu. It’s the front you’ve got

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Hundreds Of Inspiring Travel Photos And Stories

Eye-opening fun for travel, history, nature, hiking and photography lovers: The newly published America’s National Historic Trails: Walking the Trails of History (Rizzoli New York) by Karen Berger entices aplenty. This engaging 320-page hardcover spotlights 19 history-making USA trails that stretch across a mind-boggling web of more than 37,000 miles through 42 states — from colonial settlements to westward pioneer quests, American Indian movements to American Revolution battlefields, Lewis and Clark explorations to civil rights marches, Captain John Smith’s Chesapeake escapade to the galloping Pony Express. While traversing all of them, photographer Bart Smith ambitiously shot thousands of images, 325 highlights of which showcase the memorable destinations featured in this book. Crack open its oversize cover, get comfy for epic encounters and imagine your footsteps pursuing these hallowed paths.

Here, a selection of photos to jumpstart your interest.

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The 10 Best Travel Photos, Winners Of Independent Photographer Awards

The Independent Photographer, an international network of photography enthusiasts and photographer,s has announced the 10 winners of its Travel Photographer contest with a collection of images “capturing life in its most vivid forms” in various corners of the world.

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The winning photos, according to the organizers, “communicate the life of a place in all its splendor, whatever the subject from Street, Portrait, Landscape or Documentary.”

The image above by photographer Sandra Morante entitled ‘Kushti wrestlers at sunset’ and taken at Guru Jasram Ji Akhara Gym in New Delhi, India, was the winner of the $1,000 First Prize.

The ancient art of Indian wrestling, known as ‘kushti,’ still thrives in wrestling gyms. known as ‘Akharas,’ and are

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PHOTOS: Cruise ships broken up in Turkish port show COVID-19 impact

  • Photos show rows of deluxe cruise ships waiting to be dismantled in a sea dock in Turkey as the coronavirus pandemic continues to sink the industry. 
  • Around 2,5000 scrapyard workers are currently working to pull apart five cruise ships for scrap metal sales.
  • Among them was the Carnival Fantasy, a newly-refurbished cruise ship that was recently sold by Carnival Cruise Line.
  • “We are trying to change the crisis into an opportunity,” Kamil Onal, chairman of a ship recycling industrialists’ association told Reuters.
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British, American, and Italian cruise ships are being dismantled in a sea dock in Turkey as the coronavirus pandemic continues to sink the industry. 

Five hulking cruise ships are currently being pulled apart for scrap metal in the port of Aliaga, a town 30 miles north of the Turkish city Izmir.

Among them was the Carnival Fantasy, a newly-refurbished cruise ship

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