New York’s Storied Roosevelt Joins Growing List of Prominent Hotels to Close Their Doors

New York City’s once seemingly indomitable hospitality industry sustained another blow this week when the owners of the historic Roosevelt Hotel, a 96-year-old Midtown institution, announced that the 1,025-room hotel will cease operations on Oct. 31.

Named for President Theodore Roosevelt, the hotel opened in the fall of 1924, and its Italian Renaissance façade of chiseled marble and limestone has been an unchanging fixture of the Manhattan streetscape ever since. In a city filled with sleek new hotel towers, the Roosevelt was a favorite of locals and tourists alike because much of its interior remained unchanged, too. The “Grand Dame of Madison Avenue,” as some have called the hotel, has served as a backdrop for many films including The French Connection, Malcolm X and the 2017 Netflix series Wormwood. Gordon Gekko’s infamous “Greed is good” speech from the 1987 film Wall Street was shot in the Roosevelt’s ballroom.

But movie

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COVID hotels for Bay Area homeless residents set to close

The Bay Area is winding down the grand experiment that sheltered thousands of its homeless residents in safe environments during the pandemic, raising fresh concerns about the spread of COVID-19 as officials scramble to find alternative housing.

Gov. Gavin Newsom launched Project Roomkey in April, a first-of-its-kind program that moved unhoused residents into hotels to protect them from the virus. Six months later, with federal funding sources poised to expire, Bay Area counties are moving to close those hotels — some in the next few months.

The program likely will be remembered as a mixed success. It didn’t come close to reaching everyone who needed help, but Project Roomkey proved that — given the funding and motivation — the Bay Area is capable of quickly mobilizing a vast amount of resources and personnel to attack the homelessness crisis.

The effort also allowed counties to reduce the number of people in

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Deadline Day Two: What deals can be done in the domestic transfer window and when does it close? | Football News

A domestic transfer window between Premier League and EFL clubs remains open until October 16 – dubbed Deadline Day Two – but how does it work?

The international deadline – where English clubs could buy, sell and loan players from abroad – closed on October 5, but an agreement between Premier League and EFL teams means players can still be transferred in England.

How will the domestic transfer window work?

Following consultation between the leagues – and because FIFA allows a summer transfer window to run for up to 12 weeks – Premier League clubs can still do business with EFL sides for a further 11 days in a bid to bolster their squads.

They can make loan or permanent signings, as well as selling, but there cannot be transfers between Premier League teams.

All EFL clubs can still do domestic business with any English team up until Deadline Day

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A guide to urban stargazing: What you need to start exploring the skies close to home

And plenty of telescopes, it turned out, were gathering dust in nearby attics. I handed over $50 and a batch of chocolate cookies for a powerful amateur version that turned the Milky Way into a twinkling swath of fairy lights.

With all trips called off, I was pursuing the sense of wonder I usually get from travel, the jolt of awe that comes with touching down in faraway places. “Looking at the skies, it makes you feel like you’ve traveled somewhere even when you haven’t,” agreed British science writer Abigail Beall, author of “The Art of Urban Astronomy: A Guide to Stargazing Wherever You Are.”

Beall, whose book will be released in the United States on Dec. 29, has spent the pandemic outside Leeds, England, tilting a pair of binoculars out of her window for a view of the sky. “When I look at the stars, I imagine how far

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