Nile cruises sail again, forced to navigate river full of challenges

Oct 14, 2020

The cruise ship Amwaj (Wave) set sail Oct. 1 from Luxor to Aswan with a group of American, Swiss and British tourists on the very first trip on the Nile River since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and the shutdown of the tourism sector. The floating hotel was the first to obtain the required license from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities to get back on track, following the announcement that cruises would be allowed to resume work bearing restrictions this month.

“For us, resuming the cruises for tourists has been like giving the kiss of life to a dying person,” Mohamed Rabie, manager of Amwaj, told Al-Monitor. “We are very honored to be the first cruise ship on the Nile to start operating. We do not have many guests on board yet, but for next week the numbers are increasing.” 

Rabie said eight passengers and

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Sink or swim: How the food and drink sector is adapting and innovating to overcome the challenges of Covid-19

There’s no denying that 2020 has been an unusual year, and one that has presented an entirely unique set of challenges to people in almost all walks of life and society – whether that be adapting to working from home or doing food shopping solely online, to socially distanced socialising and mask wearing while out and about.

It’s safe to say that it’s been an ‘unprecedented’ experience – and no doubt that’s one word we’ve heard to describe it more times already this year than we’d like. From travel to hospitality, banking to fitness, almost every industry and sector has had to adapt quickly to the ever-changing Covid landscape in order to survive, transforming the way we live and work in almost every conceivable way.

Despite the impact on almost all UK businesses, one industry that has had to adapt more quickly than many to the ‘new normal’ and transform

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Author and World Traveler Illustrates Exploration of Europe and the Challenges he Faced in New Book

Brian Walsh draws from his experience while country-hopping and the struggles he endured in ‘A Day in the Woods’

“A Day in the Woods” By Brian Walsh
“A Day in the Woods” By Brian Walsh
“A Day in the Woods” By Brian Walsh

TRABUCO CANYON, Cali., Oct. 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Brian Walsh always wanted to explore the world. In his newly released book, “A Day in the Woods,” he gives readers a glimpse into his European getaway. In 1976 Walsh left home for the first time to take on a new country he has never been to before. Without much planning, the author realizes he is not fully prepared for this trip as he thought he would be.

Throughout the book, Walsh pens the harsh reality he faced throughout his travels from country to country in Western Europe. He experienced hardships of poverty and rejection that made him reflect on if he had the determination to

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Bloomington faces challenges with hotels housing homeless people

a man wearing a uniform: Bloomington Police Chief Jeff Potts, shown in 2017.

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Bloomington Police Chief Jeff Potts, shown in 2017.

Bloomington officials have been struggling with how to handle several hotels housing homeless people that are racking up police calls and making neighbors feel unsafe, demonstrating that such challenges during the pandemic aren’t limited to central cities.

Three Bloomington hotels — a Holiday Inn, a Holiday Inn Express and a Comfort Inn — have contracts that began in March with either Hennepin County or St. Stephen’s Human Services, a Minneapolis nonprofit.

“These call numbers are taxing, and that’s why we’re elevating this [issue] and trying to make some progress,” said Bloomington Police Chief Jeff Potts.


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It’s an increasingly common scenario as agencies aim to keep COVID-19 from spreading at shelters while hotels look for creative ways to bring in income.

Problematic behavior, such as people using drugs or knocking on

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