New Food and Drink Magazine Hits Santa Fe, New Mexico | Daniella Cressman


Santa Fe, New Mexico is home to the fantastic, homey, and famous Harry’s Roadhouse, along with a myriad of other fantastic restaurants, unique music venues, outlandish fashion shows, and even some incredible live theatre.

Now, Justin Matase and Keith Recker have acquired the Pittsburgh-based TABLE magazine and they’ve decided to create a sister publication featuring bites from the City Different.

“The publication comes from business partners Justin Matase, the publisher, and Editor-in-Chief Keith Recker, who acquired Pittsburgh, Pa.-based TABLE magazine in January 2020 — just weeks before the coronavirus shut the world down.” —Teya Vitu

Needless to say, Keith Recker has been enchanted by Santa Fe and all that it has to offer from a culinary and cultural perspective for quite some time: He’s wanted to move there but it simply hasn’t been in the cards for him, although it’s never too late as they say.

Santa Fe’s TABLE magazine is especially exciting because it will not only feature amazing restaurants, but it will also highlight fashion, design, culture, art, and travel!

Matase and Recker acquired TABLE as a food and drink publication. During the pandemic, they broadened the scope to fashion, design, culture, art and travel. That template is being localized in Santa Fe with a local crew of editors, writers and photographers. —Teya Vitu

In short, this magazine should provide a very welcome respite to a community that has been through a lot in the past two years and continues to navigate new challenges in 2022.

“The overall goal is to satisfy and inspire our readers…It’s what we are all thirsting for right now. It’s finding a way for people to be a part of the world around them.” —Keith Recker

This is cause for elation for food aficionados across the state!

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