Flywire reveals new collaboration with Brazilian group

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  • Flywire, which offers payments services, will work with the Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association (BELTA) to help students make tuition payments.
  • According to BELTA, many Brazilian students go abroad each year, creating a significant demand for these services in the country.
  • A spokesperson for Flywire said that agents in particular were likely to benefit from the service, while students and schools would also find themselves enjoying a better experience.

Online money transfer company Flywire has confirmed that it will be working alongside a Brazilian travel association as part of a service aimed at students.

The firm said that it would be working with the Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association (BELTA) to offer international money transfer options to students who are from Brazil but based abroad for their studies.

As part of the new joint offer, students will be able to pay their tuition and other fees through a legitimate and trust-focused channel.

The integration aspect of the partnership will benefit educational institutions as well as those studying – while third parties, such as agents in the education field, will also benefit.

The service has a number of features, including a data centralisation function to bring information about students together into one easy-to-manage location.

There is also a security dimension, with anti-fraud features in place to verify vendors.

BELTA, which was set up in the early 1990s, has identified Brazil as one of the world’s most promising markets for students looking to study abroad.

It recently produced data that suggested that nearly 400,000 people in Brazil’s student population went abroad to learn last year.

Overall, they spent more than US$1bn.

Students from Brazil are understood to travel to a range of destinations, though North American countries such as the US and Canada are popular – as are other Anglosphere countries.

In a statement, a senior figure at BELTA said that the new service’s emphasis on agents – which BELTA employs and provides – would benefit both the agents themselves and those in the wider payments chain.

“Agents play a key role in connecting Brazilian students with the best international study opportunities,” she said.

“Flywire’s modern digital payment platform and comprehensive global services simplify the way our agents engage with schools and students and streamline the experience for all involved,” she added.

She concluded on a positive note regarding Flywire.

“We’re very pleased to be partnering with them,” she said.

For Flywire, Sharon Butler, who serves executive vice president of education, added that BELTA’s existing agents were strong and provided value for clients.

“Their agents represent our client schools exceptionally well and we are very pleased to partner together to create more quality educational opportunities abroad for students originating from Brazil,” she said.


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