The Moco Museum: A true must-see

If you’ve planned a day to Amsterdam there is one thing you absolutely can’t miss, and that’s the Moco Museum. This is a contemporary museum with modern art, that always has many expositions full of outspoken pieces. One of their current expositions is called Moco Masters, and shows a wide range of exceptional contributions of all kinds of well-known artists like Mark Rothko, Keith Haring, Tracey Emin and many more. This is your chance to see the works of these talented and outspoken artists yourself, in the Moco Museum in Amsterdam.

The Moco Museum collection: Mark Rothko

One of the featured artists in the Moco Masters collection is Mark Rothko. Mark makes art that at first sight seems very simplistic. His abstract paintings exist from color blocks in contrasting color pallettes, and are available in several sizes. What makes his works so famous is the expressive use of … Read More